What is it?

Differing from ordinary neck straps that encourage you to use them again, our neck strap is truly disposable!

Our lanyard system is composed of just two components:

After a tourist uses the neck strap, just unhook the loop and, depending on the type – throw it away or wash it in your washing machine. Simple, isn’t it?

Why is it worth it?

Primarily for reasons of hygiene!

Disposable lanyards that are usually found on tourguide receivers and transmitters are used by dozens of people. Fixed to the devices once, they are sadly probably never replaced, and if not washed, they contain grime and are the habitat of many bacteria.

Disposable lanyards and washable lanyards solve all these problems.

How does it work?

You take just two easy steps to fix the lanyard to the device. After use, the neck strap (depending on its type) is either washed in a washing machine or thrown away. Thanks to the unhooked buckle, the washable neck straps (loops) will not damage the machine or any other items they are washed together with.

Fix the lanyard to the device

Thread the lanyard connector through a special opening on the device.

Attach the leash to the hook

The metal carabiner is hooked on the fabric loop.


Thanks to the carabiner, the neck strap hook can be easily detached, without the need to always unhook the entire buckle from the device.

After use – wash it or throw it away.

After washing, the washable neck straps are suitable for further use by a further group of tourists.

Disposable neck straps can be thrown away after use, into the mixed refuse container.

Our neck strap system

Disposable lanyard

Starting at €11 per package

Disposable neck strap made of synthetic fabric.

Perfect for tour organisers who arrange frequent trips, and where it is important to maintain usage hygiene, at the same time saving time and work.

The neck strap has the form of a simple loop for easy hooking/ detaching on the buckle with the carabiner (sold separately).

Washable lanyard

Starting at €12 per package

Cotton fabric neck strap

Thanks to the natural, soft cotton that the loop is made of, and thanks to the lack of any plastic or metal parts, it is perfectly suitable for washing in automatic washing machines.

The neck strap has the form of a simple cotton loop for easy hooking/ detaching on the buckle with the carabiner (sold separately).

Lanyard connector

€12 / 50 pcs.

Comfortable system for hooking disposable and washable neck traps.

The buckle is composed of ‘strings’, a small loop to fix to the device, and a carabiner to attach the neck strap loop.

You can change the neck strap type irrespective of the buckle you have.

Our products are available at

mGuide is our on-line store, where beside disposable and washable neck straps you can buy tourguide systems, intercoms and all the required peripherals such as microphones, headphones or case chargers.